Thursday, August 6, 2009

Advertising Assignment

#2: Advertising Assignment

Choose a specific product to advertise in an illustration. You could choose a popular product from a past decade (hula hoops, the yo-yo, Ovaltine, etc) or a product with a specific brand name (Converse sneakers, Heinz ketchup, etc). You don’t have to come up with any typography, just an image that would show that product in a good light and make people want to buy it. You can choose whether you want to mimic the old vintage advertising styles from previous decades, or if you want to work in a contemporary style.

Media: Full color, material is your choice

I had recently taken a field trip to a museum in Osaka and picked up a book on advertisements from the industrial age, where all of them use printmaking. I thought it would be great to draw inspiration from for this assignment sense I was taking an printmaking class. The item I choose to advertises for was The Snuggie. I thought if would be fun to take a relativally usless, tacky, infomercial product and make into a classly 1950s ad, when design was smarter and more simplistic.

Here is my final verison:


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